Any alteration in the normal shape of the spinal column is called as spinal deformity. If it is abnormal lateral bending of the spine it is called as scoliosis. If it is abnormal forward bending of spine it is called as kyphosis(hunch back).


The spinal deformity might arise out of birth defects which is called as congenital scoliosis or congenital kyphosis. Deformities arising during the adolescent years with out and birth defects is called as developmental or idiopathic deformity. In old age, degenerative changes can lead to deformity which is called as degenerative scoliosis or senile kyphosis.

Patients might present with complaints of deformity in back, pain in back or sometimes weakness in limbs.

Xray is the initial investigation . MRI might be needed in some cases.

Treatment depends upon the severity of symptoms. In patients with mild deformity and minimal pain supportive appliances such as belt and orthosis is used along with back exercises.

Surgery is indicated in patients with severe deformity, cosmetic disfigurement, weakness of limbs and significant pain. Spinal deformity correction surgery is a complex surgery which requires expertise and special infrastructure

Case Example:

A 14 yr old girl presented to us with severe scoliotic deformity in the back causing her cosmetic disfigurement. Complex 7 hr long spinal deformity correction surgery was done for her restoring the normal alignment of spine.